Classic Computer Game 620 Built In

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Are you stuck in quarantine? Are you feeling nostalgic? Then this is the right bang for your buck! Relive all the classic games you know and love. If you enjoyed playing the now classic games when you were a kid, then this is just for you! And will it remind you of playing the NES with your siblings back in the early 90’s which will bring a lot of joy to your home.

This system is a great addition to any home. A lot of the games are unknown or odd knock off type games, but there are plenty of gems in here. Limited without a Save functionality, you won't get some of your classics like Zelda or Final Fantasy on the system, but there are a few Megamans (Rockman) and lots of Mario games. You and your kids will surely have a blast with a lot of these old games. Great entertainment for the price!

The controller wires are super thin and everything is very lightweight. Console controllers, 620 games built-in, power supply and Video cable all in one package for less than the price of one game cartridge back then.


  • FAMILY GAME TIME: Exercise social communication with your family. This retro game console lets your children experience the happiness of your youth, creating natural communications and hobbies with your children. 
  • DUAL CONTROLLERS: Equipped with 2 sensitive joysticks, plug and play, hand feels comfortable, better share your fun with family and friends.
  • CLASSIC:Up to 620 kinds of your favorite classic games (Some games are repeated), but you can easily find more than 30-50 kinds of NES retro games you like. Connect to your TV or Computer via Video In and play hundreds of games instantly. Let you easily enjoy vivid and exciting video games on a big screen.
  • HDMI DISPLAY: Connect to your TV and play hundreds of games instantly. Let you easily enjoy vivid and exciting video games on a big screen.
  • NOSTALGIC CONSOLE: For those who are new to the classic game console. This is an 8-bit game console with simple controls and picture quality will not be as crisp as today's games, the younger generation may not get into it. But most of these classic games