210-Piece Sewing Kit Storage Caddy Organizer

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  • Saves Space
  • Keeps Sewing Equipment Tidy
  • Storage case/caddy
  • Ideal for all your bits and pieces
  • This 210 piece sewing kit is sure to have everything you may need when it comes to sewing.
  • It includes all sorts of useful sewing items!
  • 5 removable storage bins
  • 58 assorted threads
  • 50 assorted buttons
  • 18 sewing needles
  • Assorted quilting pins
  • 4 snaps
  • Seam ripper
  • Tape measure
  • Old-fashioned metal thimble
  • Darling puff-ball critter pin cushion (colors and styles may vary)
  • Needle threader
  • 30 safety pins
  • Mini scissors (useful for clipping thread)
  • A tape measure, and more!Deluxe Sewing Kit Storage Caddy Organizer. Looking for a complete and organized sewing kit? Always in search of a reliable kit to store all your sewing materials but never found the right one? The Deluxe Sewing Kit Storage Caddy Organizer might be the one you are looking for. Start sewing with this complete all-in-one sewing kit - it features 210 pieces of sewing equipment, making it the ultimate sewing kit! This is an ideal gift for the sewing enthusiast. A bonus accessory set includes pin cushions, sewing scissors, a thimble, tape measure, pinning needles, stitch picker and more. Keep all your sewing essentials tidy in one place with this sewing kit. Whether you are an experienced tailor, a crafts enthusiast, or just need some sewing accessories at home, this set is for you. The deluxe kit consists of 5 removable storage bins, 58 assorted threads, 50 assorted buttons, 30 snapping buttons, 18 sewing needles, 30 safety pins, sewing scissors, sewing needles and tape measure all stored away in one handy storage caddy.

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